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Monday, February 15, 2010

Origami Vagina Valentines

Well, what would YOU do with an extra large pack of pink origami paper-make hearts??

While not in the least bit appropriate for colleagues or acquaintances, there might be no finer way to celebrate this Hallmark holiday than paper genatalia. Without a loyal crew of lesbian feminist friends, finding an audience for this gift might be challenging, but, if you belong to say, an all-woman's book club, or maybe Delta Tau Delta, origami vagina's might be a fun way to celebrate everyone's favorite organ.

I was up late and folding paper, trying to be inspired, when I got the idea. I immediately ran to the computer to hesitantly google "origami vagina", and lo and behold, I found a perfectly reasonable, presumably clothed man offering measured, humorless instructions from the book "Pornogami".

Check out the tutorial here: Happy folding!
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1 comment:

Caroline said...

I wish my girlfriend made things like this for me lol. Did you give it to K.?