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Thursday, July 23, 2009


If I needed an excuse to get back into blogging, this is it. Three boxes of groceries from Mediterranean Imports arrived at my door yesterday [thanks to Mama Z's long haul from Cincinnati]. My kitchen is now fully stocked with a dizzying array of grains, beans, nuts, olives, pastes, dried fruits, and rices.

My dad's care packages explain a lot about the origins of my neuroses, such as my tendency for excess and my inability to throw anything away. Much hilarity ensued when I opened one of the boxes to find an ENTIRE CASE of almond meal. Other weirdly wonderful items included several packages of dense, cinnamon dusted muffins suitable for passover, about a pound of aleppo pepper, 192 boullion cubes, and an unlabled, unidentifiable can. Does anyone have ideas for what to do with two boxes of Jordanian cream soup stock?

So, back to blogging it is. It will have to fit it in somewhere between working, biking, reading, sewing, cooking, hanging out, snuggling and watching the second season of The Wire. But, my motto is, with cranberry beans, all things are possible.

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