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Friday, June 27, 2008


spanish pine nuts
olive oil
pistachios, turkish ground
red lentils
madagascar vanilla
hungarian paprika
tomato paste in a tube
local honey
wild rice
black rice
dried chives
dried parsley
ak-mak crackers
dried shitakes
dried cranberry beans
almond butter
bay leaves
good mustard
mortar [to match my pestle]
aleppo pepper
truffle oil

This grocery list has been the substance of my daydreams for the last 3 days.

This constitutes the list of goodies I hope to acquire my dads store on my trip home [my bus leaves in exactly 24 hours and I should be packing instead of blogging]. Anyway, I'm not trying to break his bank or anything, and a lot of this is insanely expensive, so if I end up with half of it, I'll be happy. I learned my lesson, and plan to pack nothing heavy or breakable [except the olive oil, which I may have to forgo]. No jars of tapenade exploding in the bottom of my suitcase in the middle of the Pittsburgh Greyhound station this time.

Next week I'll be blogging from my hometown of Cincinnati. If its a good trip, I'll have a lot to say. Findlay market, cooking with Rissa, Udipi, Graeters, and Aunt Cindy's grilled cheese and many more posts and possibility from porkopolis, coming soon.

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